Friday, May 22, 2009

I’m Excited

I’m excited. Why? All next week, we’ll have a guest blogger who will be gracing the pages of Stand Firm. That’s good because you won’t have to listen to me, and I won’t have to come up with new and exciting topics. (You’re probably thinking that I haven’t come up with one yet, but hey, there’s always hope.) What’s the topic? Transforming churches. You may have some vague memory of this topic being discussed here in the past, but this series of posts will come from a totally different perspective, Can Transforming Churches Be Fixed? So can it be fixed? I doubt it - we’ll see what our guest blogger has to say. Who is the mystery blogger? Well you’ll just have to come back to find that out. Have a great weekend. I’ll see you next week.

photo credit: batega

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