Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jump On the Bandwagon

Well, maybe it’s not a bandwagon. Probably more like a broken down covered wagon, with the rim busted off the splintered wagon wheel, and the pioneer wife saying a prayer over her freshly snake bit husband.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the new gizmo over there on the right. The one with the little icons of people’s faces. Yeah. That one. The one that says “FREQUENT FLYERS (5), and “FOLLOW THIS BLOG.” If you click on “FOLLOW THIS BLOG,” you can then sign up and proclaim to the world that you’re one of the few and the proud who read Stand Firm. Or for you shy types, you can sign up anonymously as well.

It’s the pious thing to do. (Or is that pietistic? Although I don’t think there’s that many pietists that read this blog. Maybe one or two). For you good Lutheran laymen and laywomen out there, what’s to stop you from signing on? You’ve always wanted your own private pew in church anyhow. And you pastors. Your face over on the right will certainly accelerate the gravitational pull of that CRM list. After all, the Augustana Ministerium is here for you.

If you click on the little icons, you can read that person’s profile. For the technophiles out there, if you’ve got a Blogger blog, you can follow the blogs you sign up for in your Google reader, and also via your reading list on your Blogger dashboard. You can also add this gadget to your Blogger blog, which I think will ultimately be a way for all of us to promote each other’s blogs.

For more info, you can read here, here, and here.

And of course, thanks to all for reading along and signing up.

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