Friday, June 6, 2008

Breaking News From Reporter: IE Canceled

The Reporter Online, the official newspaper of the LCMS, has breaking news. Issues, Etc. has been canceled. What do you mean you already knew that? It isn't news until it's in The Reporter!

There's nothing new in the article. IE was canceled for business reasons. So sorry.

They do acknowledge that somebody somewhere was unhappy with the cancellation:

Disappointment over the elimination of the program manifested itself in various ways. Numerous e-mails were sent to Strand, to BCS members, to district presidents, and others within the Synod. An online petition netted more than 7,000 signatures, including not only Lutherans but signors from other Christian denominations. On April 14, a peaceful demonstration was held outside the LCMS office building in St. Louis to protest the decision to cancel the program. Meanwhile, several district pastoral conferences or boards of directors petitioned the BCS to revisit the decision. These appeals were answered individually by the chairman of the BCS.
I hope that other LCMS Districts will continue to voice their disapproval regarding the cancellation of IE, and the way in which it was handled.

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